People contact their health plans to over 1 BILLION times a year to ask questions about their benefits.

Sensentia provides members easy access to understand their health insurance benefits and get answers quickly at their convenience.

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Sensentia provides members with a natural language tool to get benefits – related questions answered accurately and quickly, saving time and money.

The same technology that powers our call center solutions brings simplicity directly to members.

Sensentia is deployed within the call centers of a Fortune 100 Health Insurance company. Based on the results of our user studies across a variety of plans including ACA, small and large group, Medicare and Medicaid.

Patients usually have questions about their benefits' cost-share and availability

Sensentia gives your member control of getting the answers they need at anytime and anywhere.

Co-Insurance, Deductibles, Auhorization Requests, Exclusions, Conditions, Co-Pays, Out of Pockets, Referal Requirements, Inclusions, Benefit Maximums Sensentia's web-based User Interface

Inquiries can be made in multiple languages or by using CPT codes

The research of benefits for medical, dental, vision and ancillary services, places of services, and pharmacy products using brand or generic names is done in half the time, capable of reaching 100% accuracy.

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How It Works

Sensentia's core technology automatically models the knowledge in any textual document and answers questions against it. Questions are asked and answered in natural language, structured forms or through automated dialogue helping call centers refine their questions.

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