Healthcare is one of the most complex and inefficient industries with high costs to administer, high levels of waste, and little transparency particularly at the consumer level.

Our Mission

To reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of our healthcare system, Sensentia automates healthcare administration, unlocking access to information for both consumers and providers through a new genre of natural-language self-service tools.

Our Technology

Sensentia's core technology automatically models the knowledge in any textual document and answers questions against it. Questions are asked and answered in natural language, structured forms or through automated dialogue helping consumers refine their questions.

Our Solution

Sensentia's Benefit Access AI is a fully automatic inquiry system that enables members and providers to verify benefits for healthcare in real time. Inquiries are made through voice, text, mobile devices, IVR, or the web. Our accuracy rate is 96% compared to an industry average of 84% (CMS 2014).

Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Provider Inquiries from Members


Patient Responsibility

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Coding and Claim Preparation

Claim Adjudication

Claim Status